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'Baby Girl' Nude Ombre with Old English lettering.

Can also be done in silver or white lettering and any Ombre colour.


These are available in pre-made sizing -

L: 0-4-3-5-7

M: 1-5-4-6-8

S: 2-5-4-6-9 or you can send through your nail plate sizes by selecting Custom sizing.

**These are the nail tip sizes for your refernce**

0 - 18mm

1 - 17/16mm

2 - 16/15mm

3 - 15mm

4 -14mm

5 - 13mm

6 - 12mm

7 - 11mm

8 - 10mm

9 - 9mm

Each set also comes with an application kit.


  • Due to the nature of the product and the current pandemic, we can not accept returns/refund

    if you have ordered the wrong size or changed your mind, this is also not covered for a refund

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